20 listopada 2016

Sun, mud, trailbuilders, tiramisu&pancakes, offroad - spontaneous trip

That was one of the best and the most spontaneous trip to the best guys and magical place!
For the first time my car drove over 300km at once, haha, I'm so proud of you Mr Trooper :D
Soon there will be, I think, one of the biggest Bike Park in hole Poland! Guys giving for this place all of the power they have! Guys, don't forget about me and my little,little skills! I just wanna have fun too!

Soooo, Maja and I just decided to go there with hot tea, banana pancakes and biiiiig Tiramisu cake to make a little surprise to Arthur, Arek and for the rest of trailbuilders working so hard there. AND THAT WAS A BIG SURPRISE FOR THEY! Yay!
The weather that day was so beautiful and that was the best thing to do (except biking of course!).
Even a little photoshooting with Maja went well as you can see below.
At the end of that day we had to go down the hill by the offroad beast! :D That was soooo freaky trying to get on the SAVE asphalt from fckn muddy road! Arek, you are the best trailbuilder driver :D

Looove you guys!

Ok... No words from now!

Was very muddy...

Catering for boys ; )

Main trailbuilder - Aro


Tea&cake brake

Something is visible!

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